Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The place Marley calls home

Here you see Marley in the kitchen, she is asking Mom to play ball with her, however, mom is busy making Christmas cookies. Look at this face, how could anyone resist, I couldn't and ended up tossing the ball a few times so she could chase it and bring it back. Marley also likes to get Buster in the game, after awhile, having the ball in her mouth, she will run around the coffee table with Buster hot on her heels (with no intentions of letting him have the ball, of course) changing directions, jumping on the furniture, it is fun to watch them play together (not bad for Buster being 12 years old) it seems to bring out Busters playful side. Marley, also loves one of our three bunnies (Spunky) she will lay on the floor until Spunky comes over to touch noses, then they do alittle hide and seek (well Spunky hides) Marley is always the seeker in this game. Spunky is in the background trying to sneak up on Marley from behind, as you can see Spunky has the run of the mill in our woodshop/storage area. (very spoiled animals)

Spunky saying to Marley; "catch me if you can" then she hops to a place no dog could ever squeeze into. Marley is so patient she just lays on the floor with her nose stuck into little cracks waiting for Spunky to reveal herself , frequelntly Spunky changes her hiding spot and is somewhere else close to Marley (who doesn't have a clue) until the bunny hops up and tags her. Yes, Spunky will touch you with both front feet to capture your attention.

Our dog Marley, loves to tag along during barn chores, she frequents the chicken coop, as well as the horse stables. She loves all the attention the other critters give her, and is very happy living on the farm.

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  1. Let me introduce myself...my name is Marion, and if you'd like to know more about me...pop on over to my blog!

    Marley is gorgeous!!!!
    Take care
    Nova Scotia