Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marley Meets Diego

Marley, giving me the "If I would have known then, what I know now" look.

Just prior to Christmas, Marley goes into season, now, for those of you that have read prior articles about Marley, you know she had been looked over by a Veterinarian . At that time, she was so afraid of the human kind that she either ran in another direction or shrunk in place. Our Vet, worked around her very patiently and slow, determined that perhaps she was from an SPCA somewhere, thought she could feel a scar from the spaying procedure, but not completely sure of that.

You all know, that when a female dog goes into season, it's time to search the house for anything that will fit over their backside, something that you can cut a hole for the tail to fit through. We have several garments tucked into a spare drawer in the laundry room for these "special occasions."

This is a strange question, however, one that needs to be asked, Have any of you forgotten to remove these special garments prior to letting your k-9 outside to releave themselves? It's just not a pretty picture...

Marley, is really starting to look good, she is finally filling out some, which is nice considering she was awful thin when she first decided to chose our family to be hers.

It is Sunday, on Sundays we attend mass, then usually go for brunch o a country drive. Returning home after church on this particular Sunday to change into different clothes, and let the dogs out for a potty break before we go out for the day. Hubby goes out to call in the dogs, no Marley, where could she have gone, calling to her "Marley come" still no Marley. Hubby darts in the door, grabs the keys to the car, and heads down the driveway. Wondering what is wrong, I go to the livingroom window, the Jeep is stopped and parked in the middle of the road, behind it is my husband holding onto Marley's collar with one hand and reaching for the dog who is now connected to Marley (you all know what I mean) as he reaches for Diego, who at this point is twisted in all directions; Diego snarls at him. At this point, I'm standing in the front door shouting to hubby, there's nothing you can do, just let them work it out.

Diego, is another retriever that lives down the road from us. Looks alot like Marley, except his hair is a little longer, his head a little broader. He often visits without us knowing he is around, until we go out to spot him stalking chickens, or lifting his leg on the posts of the front porch.

It is now the end of January, Marley is really filling out now, she is going to be a mommy, Diego, is going to be the daddy. Our family has recently started to place bets on how many retrievers we will have to foster. My guess is 9, hubby guesses 7, and our granddaughter who also lives with us guesses 6.

Marley is close, in a week or less we will no longer just have an orphaned retriever, we will own a whole pack of them.

Looking at Marley now, how many pups would you guess Marley may have?