Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look at Us Now

We now occupy a much larger space in the laundry/utility room downstairs. Our box was big but, no longer comfy with eight of us running around, climbing on top of each other while trying to catch a few winks. As you can tell, we are all getting stronger everyday, see us all walking around sniffing out the new smells.
Hello, my temporary name is Browny (that's the color of yarn I wear, so our human Mom can tell who's who) we are all the same color and just about the same size. Which sometimes works out in our favor. Like, for instance, our human Mom makes us a mash consisting of Iam's Smart Puppy and puppy formula, she soaks the food and then blends it up to make us well, baby food of sorts, with us being all the same, some of us get to chow down twice, you see where I'm going with this... Here I am expressing my appreciation for the new space we moved into today.

Wowser, after we eat that mash, we have all we can do to stumble around to search for a warm place to crash. Our bellies are so full, and eyes so heavy, we topple over several times before we finally collapse, see my siblings, there in front of me. I'm trying so hard to stay awake for awhile and watch my human mom as she has to clean up the mess left behind, you know what I mean...

Our K-9 Mom Marley, doesn't really want to connect with us, so our human Mom has lots to do. During the day she spends several hours washing blankets & laying fresh papers down for us, along with a few feedings of mash here and there. At night, she gets up on average 2-3 times to check on us, well sometimes, we wake her up with our little whimpers, we love to cuddle up on her lap. She tries so hard to get our K-9 Mom to feed us, Marley our mother, will only allow us a few minutes at a time to nurse, then she gets up and walks away (puppies hanging from her belly, dropping off one by one.) However, as you can see, (thanks to our human Mom) we are growing at a steady pace, having lots of energy to gum each other (we are just starting to develope little teeth) as well as pounce on one another.

In just 4 short weeks we will all be ready to face our future with new owners, hope they love us as much as we are loved here.

What do you think, want to take one of us home, huh, do ya?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are You My Mother

It would seem Marley doesn't want to be the sole caretaker of the eight pups she has brought into this world. From the delivery to the hourly feedings she requires my company either inside the box or sitting on the floor right outside of the box. During the day, I must remind mommy to get into the box at least every 3 to 4 hours (this makes it difficult to leave the farm) when the puppies start start getting restless and climbing around. At night, we make sure she feeds them prior to us going to bed, that way, I'm only required to get up once during the night (Marley comes to my bedside and starts sniffing me) once I'm up she leads me to the box where she feeds for approx. 15 minutes or so.

These little guys are going to make excellent hunting dogs, their coats are very healthy and thick (Golden Retreiver coats) their noses pick up Marley's scent whenever she is near the room. Three out of the eight pups are screamers, once they get Marley's scent they scurring around the box screaming ( well, I'm sure it is suppose to be a howl) but at the puppy stage, it sure sounds like screaming. They will be 2 weeks old tomorrow, soon, they will be moved to the utility room downstairs due to them already climbing on the cutout for Marley to get in and out of the box.

I have done alot of reading about Retreivers and have discovered, they are very brilliant dogs, eager to learn and please their masters. They are quick learners (which we've discovered with Marley) doing really well in obedience classes as well as agility type classes. These dogs are so smart they are commonly known to be trained for Guide dogs, Search and Rescue, and even for people with medical disorders like epilepsy, autism, heart conditions, etc. etc. They do wonderful with other pets in the household, not known to be agressive (not good for guard dogs) which means they are not barkers, however, they do alert you when someone unfamiliar comes.

It will be difficult to see them go but as long as their new owners are kind and respectful we'll be happy knowing their owners are getting a great deal...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eight Little Marley's

Marley, is now a mother to eight of the cutest little critters you ever did see. Born on February 20th she gave us an equal number of boys to girls (four each.)

If they as good as their mother they will make excellent companions.
Marley has become our shadow, she follows us everywhere, loves to follow along to the barn at chore time. In the past our horses have chased dogs out of their territory, sending them hauling under an electrical fence. With Marley, the horses have allowed her into their individual stalls while we are in them cleaning. She does not like to be left behind, if we are heading out to do chores, she is right on our heels, (dogs do get sad) If we leave her inside while we go to the barn, she does seem sad. This is just the type of dog we have dreamed of, one we could have tag along on trail rides, one that will not disturb the other animals on the farm. She is very loyal, eager to please her new masters, loves to play fetch, is not bothered by water, (as a matter of fact, she loves the water.

After the first six days our little puppies needed a bigger box.

These pictures had to be taken in groups as the pups just finished eating and scattered all around the box to fall asleep.

They are 11 days old now, it's amazing how strong these babies are, their eyes are should be opening within the next few days.
That's more than enough baby pictures for one night, I will be posting more as these little guys grow. I'm sure we will have several stories to tell prior to finding them loving homes.