Sunday, January 4, 2009

Marley chose us (short story)

This is our Marley, she showed up in our area this past summer, we believe; someone dropped her off. Some of you already know what it took to gain her trust, for you that don't, it took many months of daily feedings, each day we would speak softly only to have Marley fly off. It seemed she was very afraid of the human kind.

Then one day, I came in from photographing Marley and mentioned to my granddaughter that I had been out again taking pictures of (the dog) as she was refered to back then. Our granddaughter had asked if she could get some shots on her own and headed out the front door. Busy in the house, I wandered over to the window, here is our granddaughter on the front porch her head tucked downward and she's wagging her backside like a dog and standing directly in front of her is the dog, Marley, tounge hanging out and wagging her own tail. Wow, our granddaughter is playing with the dog who we've been trying for months to gain her trust. The very next day, our granddaughter goes off to school, upon returning home surprisingly enough "the dog" meets her in the driveway.

We have captured Marley's heart, she is "learning" to trust us more and more each day. The weather outside is turning chilly as fall approaches, so we lay a heavy blanket on the front porch for the new dog to sleep nights.

We are unsure at this time, whether to let her inside, didn't know what would bring someone to drop such a beautiful creature off inthe middle of the boonies. Must have done sumptin real bad to deserve that! After about a week on the porch I tried letting her in for an hour here and there, until one day she remained inside all day. She has now worked her way into not only our hearts but our home as well. Letting Marley out nights to sleep, it is getting really cold out there dropping into the lower 30's F at night. Then a storm blew in and Marley was outside, when I got up in the middle of the night to let her in she was nowhere to be found. The wind is howling, the rain is coming down in sheets, where could she have gone to wait it out, this we never knew. From this point foreward Marley slept inside in our laundryroom, she started with just a babygate across the door to keep her in, that didn't hold Marley long before she learned to jump over it. She then required two gates stacked on top of each other to hold her in, whining each night in hopes we would just let her have her freedom.

Here you see Marley playing with our 11 year old Lab mix (who until now) would not even think of letting another animal into his yard. Marley has captured his heart also, in a big way, Buster, loves Marley and the two will play for hours.

To Be Continued


  1. Thanks for the warm fuzzy! Isn't it strange the connections that children can make with critters that we adults just can't figure out!

    It's inspiring that you were willing to give him a chance. These days most folks would have spent lots of time and energy chasing him away.

    Thanks for being a good citizen to our four-leggers out there!

    Grannie in Florida

  2. Hello Momma,
    Thanks for checking out my new blog. Being the animal lover that I'am, I don't have it in me to be cruel. Our neighborhood is prone to drop offs, many of our animals came to us in that way. We lack an ASPCA in our area, something that breaks my heart, there are a lot of animals that need someone to act on their behalf. Many owners fail to meet the needs of their pets, leaving them outside in frigid weather, (nothing bothers me more) then to see a dog tied to the end of a chain without proper shelter, what a lonely life. Or in one incident a horse that was so skinny due to the lack of proper care,(still being riden) we were told the horse was under the care of a Vet and as long as there was water available and food (round bale on the outside of the pasture, not in reach of the horses) there was nothing that could be done. I could go on and on, the bottom line is if you have pets, you have taken on the responsibilty to provide for them; love, food, shelter, medical care etc. anyone who witnesses any type of animal cruelty should report it...
    Our Marley deserved a second chance & our family is thrilled to have this opportunity. She is a very intellegent dog, and has become a loyal friend that rarely leaves your side.
    Thank you for your kind comment, you can count on us givin Marley lots of love and attention.