Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Day with Marley

Marley loves the snow, she will lay on the ground, in the snow, for long stretches. She loves sticking her nose in it, as if she's smelling a little mouse, somewhere, down under there.

Must take nap, playing in all this white stuff makes one tired. I'm so blessed to have found a nice warm house to call home. It has heated floors, therefore, keeping me warm from head to paws.

I adore this little girl! You see, I had wandered the countryside for months, scared out of my mind, just a persons voice would send me sailing off, with my tail between my legs. It was this caring soul, that got the bright idea to capture my heart, by acting like me. She got down on her elbows, waged her tail, whimpered and whined, until I came close enough to give her a lickin' on the face. After a bit, I got to thinking this is kinda nice, I gave in, as I enjoyed the company.

Sure am happy that I decided to pick these people to love me, and spoil me.

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic story!! How blessed Marley is to have you all!