Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dog Training and some people training too....

After searching several months, for a trainer to come to our house , our veterinarian called one day with a name.

Turns out, we really look forward to seeing her ... She is the best!

On the very first day of her arriving, you could not even hear yourself think, it was crazy, Marley was barking, Dunkin was barking, they were having a fit, a stranger was in the house...

It took a very long time to settle them down, but she did... She is brave.... If I had dogs coming at me barking and carrying on as they were, I'm sure the fight-or-flight thingy would have kicked in. Since, I'm not a fighter, I would have had the mindset to "fly"....

She is a very bright young lady, knows her business with dogs and even does horses.

I wish, that I had a free hand to snap some pictures of some training session/s, however, I need both hands, could even use a third.... LOL

Our goal is that when someone comes to visit, our dogs will go to their rugs, where they will stay and be quiet until they are released.

They both know what it means to go to their rugs.

They are doing a reaalllyyy good job, and will do better.... So long as we do our homework...

Thank you, Miss N. for all that you have taught us, we will make you proud for your next visit.

On another note, we really love our dogs, and like to take them out to the vineyard, to do barn chores, or include them in walks on a trail. When hubby plays on the tractor we take Marley. She is hubby's shadow, goes everywhere with him. It is cute to watch her get into the truck (she rides more than I do) sits up so straight, so proud, in her glory at his side. Tongue hanging out the side of her mouth as she looks straight ahead and braces herself for the ride. Once they arrive at their destination, she hops out and just loves to run, hopping over the tall grass, with a smile on her face, when she is called and told "lets go", she races to the truck, and takes her place in the passengers seat as proud as can be...

Dunkin, goes to the vineyard with us and he likes to sniff all around as if he is tracking things. He stays close by and does a really good job at coming when he is called. He is not as good of a rider as his mother, he is vocal and whines, but he does like to go... He is much to big to have in the cab with Hubby, Marley and myself, so he mostly travels with me. I'm sure people get a laugh out of him riding in the backseat of a car, all 90 pounds.

Marley, has added so much to this family, she is as lucky to have us as we are to have her.

I know, I'm happy with the pup she gave me.

Until next time...

Puppy kisses

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