Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mug shots

This is my Mama "Marley" on the left and me "Dunkin" on the right. Mama Marley is doing well, she is "very protective" of her humans though. I am growing like a Hybrid Poplar, nearly 8 months old now and approx. 75-80 pounds. Our human mom took these pictures of us while we were enjoying the cool breeze. We are usually digging through the flower bed at high rates of speed and slamming into each other somewhere right around where we are sitting right now.

This is Gramps, 13 year old lab mix, goes by the name "Buzzy" he's still one tuff dog so don't be fooled by this picture. He gets some special treatment and is allowed to chill on the sofa from time-to-time. Buzzy taught us how to bark at the cats when they are spotted way down the road and when they start up the driveway, how to chase them over the garden fence. Scaredy cats!!! LOL

Come on, just look at me, do I look like I could do this?

I thought so... Marley did it... No Dunkin did it... Afraid not Marley did it

At any rate, our human mom got a real life lesson on how to re-upholster the arm of her couch, she did such a nice job the first time, we did it again the very next day. Now, when she goes away she pushes the coffee table against the couch, and puts Mama Marley upstairs with Gramps.

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  1. Your dogs are beautiful. I don't know what I would do without my dogs. I lost my favorite bird dog puppy this spring. She was only 13 mos old. I always jokingly called her "Marla" because she was so mischevious.....just luike the Marley in the movie. I miss her so much.