Friday, April 3, 2009

Who Knew

From assisting in the delivery, to getting up 2 or 3 times each night, dragging Momma Marley with me, into the whelping box we would go. Marley was not keen on getting into the box with a litter of 8 screaming babies, she needed someone to hold her paw, night after night, this became the norm, If I left just for a minute, momma Marley would be out of that whelping box and wedged under the bed. Oh, no ya don't girl, these babies depend on momma's milk, come on now, I'll sit with you. When the pups reached the 16th day they were climbing out of the whelping box. Out to the shop I went in search of plywood to make a wall for the laundry/utility room (a bigger box) just for the puppies. I ran out to the country store and purchased a formula made for babies "Just Born" this was mixed with Iams puppy smart to make a runny mash, which the pups would lap up, then stumble off to their blanket to sleep for a few hours, or until they started screaming for more mash.
As time went on, the mash was less mushy and more like tender kibbles. Then it came down to just Iams puppy smart and warm water to feed the little buggers. Now drinking on their own for a few weeks and eating "very well" at the age of 6 weeks, I've decided to start searching for new puppy parents. Happy to say, half of them have found just that. Four pups were placed with families that had dog breeds of this type, they'd had them anywhere from 12 up to 14 years depending on individual circumstances. Three out of four went to country homes and one went to a home on the lake, all very kind folks, loved their prior pets, saddened by their passings. These are homes all puppy parents should look for, a thorough screening was done with each family to qualify, and to give me a clear conscience of knowing they will be properly cared for.

Little, did I know how difficult it would be to see them all leave. It must be because I had to play the role of their mother for the last 6 weeks. Two more will be going home tomorrow, guess hubby will have to see them off, I'm not good at saying my good~byes. It seems the last ones are the most difficult... (pay no attention to the date) I had to recharge the batteries in my digital and skipped over setting the date. These were taken today April 3,2009 as they all lay sleeping under the stools at the island. Well, they were asleep until they heard me coming...
I pray, that the remaining puppies will get loving families and that each puppy will remain a family member to those who have chosen them for the rest of their precious lives.
Hugs and puppy kisses to all who reads this...


  1. Great pictures... perhaps it is fate I stopped by? Tonight I rented the movie "Marley & Me!"

  2. Welcome to our blog, do come again, and agian...

    I read the book, then went to see the movie with hubby. I loved the book!

    Puppy hugs,