Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eight Little Marley's

Marley, is now a mother to eight of the cutest little critters you ever did see. Born on February 20th she gave us an equal number of boys to girls (four each.)

If they as good as their mother they will make excellent companions.
Marley has become our shadow, she follows us everywhere, loves to follow along to the barn at chore time. In the past our horses have chased dogs out of their territory, sending them hauling under an electrical fence. With Marley, the horses have allowed her into their individual stalls while we are in them cleaning. She does not like to be left behind, if we are heading out to do chores, she is right on our heels, (dogs do get sad) If we leave her inside while we go to the barn, she does seem sad. This is just the type of dog we have dreamed of, one we could have tag along on trail rides, one that will not disturb the other animals on the farm. She is very loyal, eager to please her new masters, loves to play fetch, is not bothered by water, (as a matter of fact, she loves the water.

After the first six days our little puppies needed a bigger box.

These pictures had to be taken in groups as the pups just finished eating and scattered all around the box to fall asleep.

They are 11 days old now, it's amazing how strong these babies are, their eyes are should be opening within the next few days.
That's more than enough baby pictures for one night, I will be posting more as these little guys grow. I'm sure we will have several stories to tell prior to finding them loving homes.

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  1. I'm glad Marley has gotten used to the pups. She looks so content laying there with them. They are so adorable!!!! Love Ya Cuz :)